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Who We Are, Who We Serve, and How We’re Different.

Career Systems International (CSI) helps organizations worldwide maximize the strategic engagement, development and retention of key talent. Our resilient talent management processes link directly to business strategies and increase productivity and profitability to deliver the best returns on your investment. Our powerful suite of talent solutions have helped organizations reduce costs associated with talent loss and/or underperformance, while fostering a culture of support for the individuals, managers, and leaders. We help transform organizational cultures where employees are energized and managers are supportive … where mentoring becomes a natural, everyday occurrence … where growth and learning are ongoing.

Most talent management solutions are too theoretical or come packaged in frameworks that are too rigid. We take a different approach. We emphasize efficiency. We provide engaging development experiences that are practical, user-friendly, and laser-focused on critical business objectives.

Our clients are on a quest to maximize productivity and profitability. We offer deceptively simple systems and strategies so you can deliver training and tools on your terms – how and when you want it – and for sustainable business results.

Career Systems International provides the best talent management products and services on the planet.

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