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Bringing Life to Work and Work to Life for Over Thirty Years.

TalentEdge process

TalentEdge™ Process

Over 30 years ago, Beverly Kaye founded Career Systems International as a leading provider of career development and engagement & retention products and services. Our foundational premise: Improve the workplace for every employee – from senior leaders to the front line. In turn, improve the business performance of our clients. Create simple, elegant tools, training and processes to fuel human curiosity. Ignite passion. Unleash potential.

Today, CSI boasts one of the largest, most sophisticated and personalized arrays of cross-cultural talent management solutions in the global market. All of our solutions are deliberately flexible by design. Starting with our TalentEdge™ process, we’ll create a solution that will work for your organization. We offer multiple certifications, cutting-edge multi-modal training, virtual and classroom experiences and powerful tools both on and offline… all for a modern workforce.

And while a lot has changed over the years, our organizational values remain the same. It’s a shared belief about work and relationships. And at the core of it all – what guides our every innovation and drives our clients’ success – is this belief: People should have fun and find joy in their work. People should grow.


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