Case Studies

Investment Management

Challenge In its efforts to be recognized as an Employer of Choice, this financial services/investment management company with 11,000 employees was experiencing turnover costs of $30 million. Solution CSI partnered with the organization to develop and deliver a strategic approach at talent management. Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em® workshops were mandatory for all managers. The […]


Challenge As this organization was enjoying a 63% growth in revenues, they also saw their turnover increase by 75% in 18 months, climbing from 20 to 35%. They calculated employee replacement costs to conservatively be $1.2 million – if calculated at the minimal level of annual compensation, they felt that loss would be closer to […]

Financial Services

Challenge One of 17 affiliate divisions of this banking giant with 3,000 employees was experiencing 29% turnover rates, costing them approximately $6 million a year. Solution CSI partnered with the organization to create and execute a lasting solution and talent management strategy to curb turnover.  Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em® workshops were delivered for executives […]

Healthcare Industry

Challenge This organization provides food, nutrition and dining services to the healthcare and senior living markets and employs more than 14,000 employees in more than 450 locations. After conducting employee engagement surveys, this client rolled out an employee engagement initiative in support of its Operational Excellence focus,  based on the best-seller Love ‘Em or Lose […]

Hospitality Industry Leader

Challenge This organization acknowledged that their associates were key in creating strong customer satisfaction and positive financial results.  For them, higher engagement meant 12% higher revenue per compensation dollar and 9% higher property profit margin.  Based on a survey of 130,000 members of their global workforce, they discovered that 85% of employees were not “highly […]

Financial Services

Challenge With 45,000 employees internationally this company recognized that reorganizations and downsizing were having an impact on employee productivity and satisfaction, thus affecting customer satisfaction. Career development was consistently scored among the lowest on employee surveys. Focus groups revealed that there was a perceived lack of commitment by the organization to support career development.   […]

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Challenge CareerPower® Classic online was customized and made available to this company’s employees for over a year as part of their open enrollment learning curriculum. However, the company was not providing managers with training as career coaches. Because of an under utilization of the online program for employees, the Sales department asked for a customized […]


Challenge As one of the Top #10 Best Places to Work, competitors were poaching this company’s talent.  In the span of 2 years, turnover increased from 6% to nearly 11%.  Exit interviews revealed that people were not leaving for more money, but rather due to their perception that growth, learning opportunities, career development and solid […]


Challenge Following a major merger, this multi-service bank showed poor survey results due to prominent job dissatisfaction and pessimism regarding future career opportunities within the company. The career development initiative had two priorities: to quickly deliver positive results in terms of satisfaction, retention and progression; and, to initiate a long-term cultural shift that would embed […]