Bev Kaye with Bill ClintonBeverly Kaye and other CSI thought leaders are speaking about career development, employee engagement and retention at a variety of conferences.

Our upcoming events are listed below, as well as On Demand Webinars and podcasts. The On Demand Webinars are recordings of previously presented webinars on key topics. Watch and listen to the webinars at your convenience.

Beverly Kaye presented at the LEAD2015 Conference along with 21 other inspirational leaders. Click here to see her presentation on Career Talk: Demystifying the Career Conversation.


Check out these Learning 2015 Highlights, featuring Beverly Kaye. Click on this link to see an interactive graphic with video clips embedded.

Upcoming Events

Apr 29 – May 2, 2018

2018 Tri-State SHRM Conference, Mohegan Sun Resort, Uncasville, CT

These are recordings of previously presented webinars on key topics. Watch and listen to the webinars at your convenience.

Career Development: Today’s Meta-Priority with Beverly Kaye and Julie Winkle Giulioni
Given the nature of today’s workplace, instantaneous access to information, and pressure to meet the ever-escalating expectations of customers & shareholders, leaders juggle an unprecedented number of priorities.  Productivity and performance. Costs. Employee engagement. Quality. Scarce resources. Retention. Yet, research suggests that if leaders can address one key priority particularly well, the rest follow.  And that ‘meta-priority’ is career development.  Study after study links career development to employee satisfaction, engagement, retention, productivity, and even revenue and profitability.

Emerging Talent at Citi with Beverly Crowell, Jennie Tsang and Lauren Starkand, Citi
Learn how Citi is deploying a creative option to encourage talent mobility inside their organization. Jennie Tsang and Lauren Starkand of Citi Global Consumer Bank will join CSI’s Beverly Crowell for this best, “next practice” session to share how Citi has created a unique experience designed to grow the breadth and depth of their top talent.

Talent Mobility Matters with Beverly Crowell and Kevin Martin, i4cp
In ongoing research by Career Systems International (CSI), employees from around the globe tell us they want to learn, grow and develop while pursuing exciting and challenging work. These are the hallmarks of a highly engaged and motivated workforce. They are also the hallmarks of a high-performance organization.

And, while what they want has stayed fairly consistent over the years, the how is definitely changing. Now, more than ever, talent mobility matters.

CSI recently partnered with the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) in the survey design phases of a global research project designed to learn how high-performance organizations use new assignments to engage top talent and build diversity into their leadership pipeline. What was learned is clear … prioritizing talent mobility directly correlates to market performance.

Strategies for Building an Inclusive and Engaged Workforce with Lynn Cowart
Today’s leaders need to learn the factors that enable them to help their key employees thrive, constantly learn and give their ‘all’ to the team and the organization. Talent-minded managers know that if their organization is to be productive and competitive, they must not only ‘hang on’ to their diverse population, but also continually engage, include and develop them in order to meet constantly changing business needs. The big question for most leaders is how to do this in a ‘no time to do it’ environment. This webinar provides tactical strategies to engage, include and retain the intellectual capital of the diverse population in which your organization has already invested. It is based on fifteen years of research that suggest that individuals cannot be engaged unless they are included.

Bold Conversations on Career Development with Lynn Cowart
Critical career conversations between employees and their leaders on what it takes to ‘grow and develop’ are many times a ‘check the box’ activity. The Individual Development Plan (IDP) and Performance Management (PM) aspect of a leader’s role is becoming dated and some suggest ‘tired’.

Why? These conversations have often evolved into a routine, one-sided process where everyone is focused on simply getting it done. What’s left out of the equation is how to tailor these critical career conversations to the individual’s specific needs combined with the leader’s unique strengths and skills.

In this webinar we will introduce how to have an energizing dialogue that results in powerful development outcomes for not only the individual, but also the manager and the organization. This webinar will also introduce how to leverage various coaching styles in conversations; the different type of development conversations and when to use each; and a methodology for implementing a successful coaching plan.

Hello Stay Interviews with Beverly Kaye
Managers should routinely ask their best employees this simple question: “What will keep you here?” Unfortunately, most managers don’t ask until they conduct employee exit interviews. By then, the question comes too late. Stay interviews are one-on-one conversations with employees about what they care about most on the job, and how you can adjust or coordinate their circumstances to make them happier. When you deploy stay interviews correctly, they engage staff members and increase their productivity, This session provides a solid, time-sensitive suggestion: Instead of waiting until the exit interview to learn why individuals are leaving, create a series of stay interviews.

Conversations During Times of Change and Transformation with Beverly Crowell
Research suggests that during times of uncertainty and change, the risk of losing top talent are especially high. If you are in the midst of, or just emerged from big changes, you’re at risk. How can you help mitigate this risk? Conversations. Yes, conversations.

Conversations that engage, retain, develop and challenge your employees during times of transformation and change are critical to keeping your top talent now. This webinar provides strategies leaders must focus on during times of change and the critical questions everyone should be asking to help minimize their risk.

Hello Stay Interviews, Goodbye Talent Loss with Beverly Kaye
Today’s manager is busy. With more pressure and more change in their daily routine than ever before, they must somehow find time to also engage and retain the vital talent on their current teams. Talent loss only creates more work. This session provides a solid, time-sensitive suggestion. Instead of waiting till the exit interview to learn why individuals are leaving, a recommendation is made to create a pattern of stay interviews instead. A prescription for stay interviews is presented as well as the research based impact of this conversation across cultures. Talent development professionals will learn the signs and situations that cause individuals to consider looking elsewhere for employment. They will also learn a specific approach to mining a conversation for no cost and low cost information that managers can apply to retain the critical talent on their teams.

Conversations to Develop and Engage with Beverly Crowell
Impactful conversations between employees and their managers have a direct impact on employee engagement which, in turn, has a direct impact on an organization’s performance and bottom line. And while the issues appear complex and the outcomes powerful, the key to unlocking these conversations, especially career development conversations, is not.In this webinar, you will learn a framework for mastering these conversations without leaving your office and discover ways to strengthen those conversations just in time to maximize the outcomes of your end-of-year discussions. Build your curiosity quotient; discover how to ask questions to help employees’ discover more about what they bring to their career, what career options to expect, and how to take action; and plan for a real-time, real-world career conversation with a key employee.

Conversations to Engage, Develop and Challenge Talent with Beverly Crowell
Engaging, developing and challenging employees doesn’t happen just once a year. It’s one conversation at a time, over time.  And while we know these conversations are important to employees, they simply aren’t happening. In an ongoing survey by Career Systems, a vast majority of respondents say career development conversations are the ones employees most want to have with their manager. On the flip side, these same individuals report they are not happening. What is? Conversations about daily operations and tasks. Meaningful, authentic conversations between employees and their managers have a direct impact on employee engagement and retention which, in turn, has an impact on an organization’s performance and bottom line. And while the issues appear complex and the outcomes powerful, the key to unlocking these conversations is not.

Hello Stay Interviews Goodbye Talent Loss with Beverly Kaye
This is a keynote address that Beverly Kaye gave at HROToday around Stay Interviews.

Career Talk: Demystifying the Career Conversation with Beverly Kaye
Great leaders know that they can’t take the development of talent for granted. Individuals at every level want to report to someone who understands their talents, challenges them, opens channels for their development and links them to useful resources. They want someone to take an interest in their growth. If an individual believes their leader truly cares about their development, their engagement will be high. Individuals need to learn that their leaders are not responsible for managing their career….only their work. And leaders need to learn that their job is to support the development process not fix it or hand over the next move. This is the presentation that Beverly Kaye gave at the LEAD2015 Conference.

Help them Grow or Watch Them Go: Career Conversations Employees Want with Beverly Kaye
In this HRDQ sponsored webinar, Dr. Beverly Kaye shares her expertise, offers proven methods, and provides practical techniques your managers can employ to support their employees’ careers. You’ll leave with specific action steps to make an immediate difference—even in today’s time-starved, priority-rich work environment.

Help them Grow or Watch Them Go with Beverly Kaye and Julie Winkle Giulioni
How do you retain your best employees? Simple. Your best employees — the ones you need most — want one thing from you, plain and simple: to support their growth and development. In this webinar sponsored by Training Magazine, Beverly Kaye and Julie Winkle Giulioni  show you how to help your best employees grow or lose them to your competitor.

What’s the Bottom Line? The 5 Key ‘So What’s’ for Engaging and Retaining Talent with Beverly Crowell
Beverly Crowell, MBA., Executive Vice President, Career Systems International and contributing author of  The Talent Management Handbook and Coaching for Engagement reveals findings from the What Keeps You? study, including the key ingredients for a successful HCM implementation. She will answer the question of “so what” and share strategies any individual or organization can take to engage their talent and keep them on their team.

Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go: Development at a Distance with Beverly Kaye
In order to achieve and sustain high levels of performance, there must be a link between what an individual employee is passionate about and what the organization needs to grow its business. An effective way to insure that linkage is to hold every manager accountable for facilitating periodic professional development discussions with each of their employees. This is especially difficult, but not impossible, in a virtual environment. This session sheds a much needed light on effective methods and specifically what managers can do — within the time-starved, priority-rich, pressure-cooker environment in which they operate — to support employees who are not co-located.

Engagement and Retention: Today’s Talent Management Imperative with Beverly Crowell
What keeps an employee with an employer? What keeps talent fully engaged on the job? Beverly Crowell from Career Systems International will share the latest research on this topic. The results may surprise you!

Career Matters: It’s About Time for Development with Rosalind Sago
Career development is one of the most powerful levers to drive engagement, retention and results. Now more than ever, organizations are discovering the need to focus on talent development to help achieve their business objectives. But where do you start? How do you create a development culture?

Keeping the Keepers: The Leader’s Role in Engaging and Retaining Talent with Beverly Crowell
Every leader’s contribution to the quality of their organization’s products and services is highly correlated to their ability to engage, develop and retain critical talent. Gaining and sustaining a competitive edge especially in the face of today’s struggling global economy will demand commitment from all. Companies that don’t nurture their talent will not survive. This session lays out a menu of practical “how-to” strategies that managers can apply to drive the higher levels of engagement and retention.

Stay Interviews
Beverly Kaye discusses how to get great employees to stay in this podcast on How to Be Awesome At Your Job.

ASTD Career Week Podcasts

Beverly Kaye interviews Don Kraft, Director, HR l Career & Learning, Genentech, Inc., on using “career labs” to help employees explore a variety of development options. Listen here

Beverly Kaye interviews Jamie Graceffa, Director, Human Resources, PCCI and Shared Services, PHILIPS Healthcare, on a comprehensive 90-day career management program that helps employees own and develop a career action plan. Listen here.

Julie Winkle Giulioni interviews Jennifer Davis, Director, Field Management & Territory Development at Colonial Life, on an award winning career and leadership development program that grows their 1099 contractor sales force as leaders and business owners. Listen here

Beverly Kaye interviews Huy Tran, Sr. Manager, Organizational Effectiveness & Training for Asurion, on an award-winning hybrid career development and leadership program that develops nonexempt frontline employees into leaders and supervisors. Listen here.