CareerPower 3.0®

CareerPower3Self Powered Careers for Evolving Workplaces

New technologies, new responsibilities – the workplace is constantly changing. But over the past several years – given the amount and rapid rate of change – some organizations are finding that traditional career development doesn’t meet their needs.

For those individuals and organizations, career success can no longer be understood as a series of successive steps that can be mapped and followed. CareerPower 3.0® offers a powerful alternative to the traditional, linear approach to career development.


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CareerPower 3.0® at a glance

Changes in technologies, demographic shifts, and evolving social behaviors have impacted some organizations more than others. This innovative program builds on the time-tested CareerPower®  platform but is designed for a different audience: CareerPower 3.0® is a peer coaching and action learning model that appeals to organizations that need a less conventional approach to career development.

CareerPower 3.0® provides resources catered to an evolving workforce, including:

  • Specific applications designed to address workplace challenges
  • Magazine-style materials
  • Peer coaching and learning
  • Online content
  • Online communities


CareerPower 3.0® Overview
CareerPower 3.0® for Coaches Overview

Employees become self powered careerists: they better understand their career fit in the workplace in order to drive their own growth and development.

Beyond the traditional manager-as-coach model, CareerPower 3.0® participants leave the workshop equipped with tools and skills for successful peer and self-powered coaching.

  • One-day facilitated workshop, online, or blended experiences.
  • The entire CareerPower 3.0® content is in a web-enabled learning community.
  • Uses highly interactive self-assessments, activities, and program tools.
  • Trainer certification available.