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Let’s Make the Workplace… Work.  Work Well.  Work Happy.

Organizations that grow their people grow their business. And employee engagement and retention thrive in cultures that are truly talent-focused. So how do you make it happen?

EE website imageBuilding and maintaining a talent-focused culture requires a process, not a single event. It also requires a shared responsibility between senior leaders, managers, and employees.

It’s not enough to provide key players with a model and some tools. You need the right model. You must align all the key players and cultivate true partnerships with a framework that flexes to your needs. And the tools must be just as practical as they are effective.

We make it easy. CSI offers deceptively simple, yet meaningful engagement and retention solutions for senior leaders, managers, and employees.

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Numerous study results support the links between employee satisfaction and engagement, customer satisfaction and employee productivity, and financial results. Engaged employees are more innovative, more productive, more committed to customer satisfaction, and accordingly, produce more profits for their organization than their less engaged peers.

So, what are lower levels of engagement truly costing you? Try out our Engagement Calculator.

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Congratulations to Ingersoll Rand. They were recognized at the LEAD2016 event as having the Best Train the Trainer Program for Engaging Your Employees.

They developed a comprehensive Employee Engagement strategy designed to focus on enterprise and business-led activities with a constant focus on two-way communication and continuous improvement. A custom solution based on CSI’s Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em® was deployed to a global audience. Click here to read case study.



LELE5_Logo_BKandRED_StarsIn this workshop, managers develop critical skills to build more meaningful workplace relationships in order to unleash the full potential and capabilities of their direct reports. The workshop provides a powerful and lasting experience that both proves and reinforces an important point: Engagement and retention doesn’t have to be complicated.

Provide managers with the vital skills and tools they need to engage and retain today’s diverse workforce.

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SATPOWER_LogoSatisfAction Power® is an experiential half-day training experience for your frontline and individual contributors… for your maverick makers. Designed specifically for today’s workforce, participants take the driver’s seat as they utilize a simple process and practical tools for maximizing their satisfaction at work and home.

Remove barriers to employee satisfaction and unleash their discretionary efforts.

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Power Mentoring_LogoPowerMentoring® and PowerMentoring® for Learners are cost-effective and practical mentoring solutions for the modern workplace. These highly flexible programs cover a range of organizational goals.

Organizational outcomes:

  • Create an environment which fosters supportive alliances across divisions.
  • Develop stronger and more diverse peer networks and optimize talent at all levels.
  • Retain your top talent while developing emerging leaders.
  • Maximize productivity while increasing employee engagement.


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Hello Stay InterviewsHello Stay Interviews is a microLearning experience based on concepts from the book Hello Stay Interviews, Goodbye Talent Loss by best-selling authors Beverly Kaye and Sharon Jordan-Evans, the original Stay Interview thought leaders. Managers will experience and practice the fundamentals for their own talent management game plan that includes:

  • CONNECTION –a connection between two people must be built on trust.
  • COURAGE – leadership takes courage – raising and responding to challenging issues.
  • COMMITMENT – comes through consistent, authentic conversations and observable actions.

If you’re not yet holding Stay Interviews you’re guessing at what your people really want – you could be guessing wrong. Stay Interviews are one of the most powerful strategies in a successful manager’s playbook and are foundational to engaging, motivating, recognizing, and retaining talent.

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