Big Learnings…Small Doses

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The way you learn and the way you deliver training has changed over the years. Five-day, instructor-led workshops are being replaced with short, “chunked” training sessions, just-in-time content and tools. Whether you call it micro, mini, or bite-sized, it’s here to stay.

We know that it’s no longer a one size fits all. A comprehensive learning solution is still best for changing cultures and shifting the way people talk, share, practice, and learn. However, some learners and cultures demand something different — whether they’re short learning experiences or just-in-time access to content, tips and tools. Career Systems International offers all approaches.

Using some of our most impactful tools and thought-leadership, these microLearning solutions are designed to help managers and employees have real-time, real-world and relevant conversations leading to high engagement, commitment, growth, performance, and productivity.

Whether used to introduce or support a larger career development or employee engagement initiative, to sustain those initiatives, or to jumpstart conversations that engage, develop and retain talent, we offer:


microLearning Experiences Overview

Career Resource Library Overview

Employee Engagement/Retention Resource Library Overview


Start Here

The microLearning Experiences are one to two hour sessions delivered live or virtually, and in some case, by your own internal trainers following a simple certification process.

  • The Brand Called You – Developing and Managing Your Personal Brand
  • Career Leverage Inventory® – Uncovering Options for Career Development (trainer certification available)
  • Feedback Finder™ – Strategies for Getting and Giving Feedback (trainer certification available)
  • Feedback is a Gift – Giving and Getting Feedback
  • Hello Stay Interviews – Say Goodbye to Talent Loss (trainer certification available)
  • Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go – Career Conversations Employees Want (trainer certification available)
  • Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go – Career Conversation Clinics (four clinics)
  • Invest in Your Values® – Guiding Conversations and Taking Action (trainer certification available)
  • Owning Career Satisfaction (for Employees) – Getting What You Want Out of Work
  • Strategic Networking – How Healthy is Your Network?

microLearning Experiences Overview

The following Career Resources for Managers and Engagement/Retention are available to license for use in your organization. For more information, contact us.

  • Beyond Listening
  • Career Coaching Conversation Guide
  • Career Conversations Planner
  • Career Coaching Primer
  • Career Questions FAQs
  • Career Conversations Starter Questions
  • Enrichment: Making the Most of Where You Are
  • The Development Dictionary
  • Up is Not the Only Way: Identifying Multiple Career Options
  • What’s My Perspective: Giving Good Development Feedback
  • What’s Your Personal Brand?

Career Resource Library Overview

  • Tips for Asking – Getting Started
  • Are You a Talent Focused Manager
  • Coaching Employees in Their Careers
  • Workplace Boredom – Energize Your Employees and Enrich Their Work
  • Work/Life Balance Audit
  • Stay Factors for New Hires
  • High Risk Behaviors
  • Myth Debunking: Fun in the Workplace
  • Run the Numbers
  • Identifying Multiple Career Directions
  • Gifts That Keep on Giving
  • How Space Friendly Are You?
  • Tips for Giving Feedback
  • Are You Listening? Do You Understand?
  • Defining Values
  • What About Them? Help Them Assess What They Want

Engagement/Retention Resource Library Overview

The following Career Resources for Employees are available to license for use within your organization. Contact us for more information.

  • 10 Smart Questions for Evaluating Career Changes
  • Career Conversation Planner
  • Career Moves Quiz
  • Career Trends Briefing Quiz
  • Feedback That Works
  • Is Your Net Working?
  • Making More of Where You Are
  • Power Tips for Setting Up a Network
  • Powering Your Career
  • Rate Your Workplace Equity
  • The Career Savvy Truth
  • Assessing Personal and Company Values
  • What Are Your Career Options?

Career Resources Library Overview