Solutions Based Coaching™

Better Coaching Conversations for Better Business Results. 

It is the coaches’ role to further performance and to unleash potential. It is that simple.

And coaching isn’t just for team or senior leaders: it’s for every employee at every level within your organization. CSI’s Solution Based Coaching™ aligns senior leaders, coaches and coachees with a set of common goals and a process to track and measure progress. It provides a simple and practical framework, based on our proven solutions,  to help you embed engagement and career development into the fabric of your organization.

With Solution Based Coaching™ you will:

  • Expand and build upon your participation in the CareerPower® or Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em® workshop experiences to better fuel performance and unleash potential.
  • Develop a “State of the Business” snapshot as you establish, confirm or align organizational and individual goals.
  • Utilize measurement and tracking tools to ensure accountability, facilitate on-the-fly adjustments and monitor overall coaching effectiveness.

At the end of the day every employee wants to succeed and every organization hopes to flourish.  Solution Based Coaching™ is a program that focuses on critical coaching conversations that ignite vital connections between employees, managers and the organization as a whole.


CSI’s Solution Based Coaching™ was recognized as one of the Best Train the Trainer Programs at the LEAD2016 event.


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Solution Based Coaching™ At a Glance

SBC logoParticipants learn and practice effective techniques for creating successful coaching engagements. They will identify and understand the unique roles of the coach, the coachee and the role of manager/sponsor. Participants will create fine-tuned action plans as they uncover common coaching obstacles and hone practical coaching techniques through real-world scenarios.

Each Solution Based Coaching™ engagement offers a robust and customizable array of discovery tools, organizational surveys, and self-assessments.

Solution Based Coaching™ Overview

  • Get more people coaching and increase employee engagement, retention and overall business results.
  • Uncover common obstacles while developing key links to the organizational mission.
  • Clarify and implement key training messages in the workplace, consistently.
  • Employees, managers and senior leaders take on renewed ownership and accountability.

Choose a facilitated, blended, or an on-line learning experience. Trainer certification is available. Participation in our CareerPower® or Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em workshop experience is a prerequisite for Solution-Based Coaching.