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Career development is an incredibly powerful lever to drive employee engagement, retention and results. We offer a flexible suite of career development offerings designed to help you build and sustain a talent-focused culture.

With CareerPower® you align senior leaders, managers and employees and establish career development as a shared and critical business imperative. It enables employees to take charge of their own development and commit to taking powerful career action. Managers utilize a proven model and a practical set of skills to support their employees’ self-directing careers. With Help Them Grow® you learn how to have career conversations your employees want. It’s not a one time event at the end of the year, rather, careers are developed one conversation at a time, over time.

People are different. And you need your career development initiative to stick, blend, and produce results all within the context of your distinct organizational framework. To meet your needs we’ve created CareerPower® Classic, CareerPower 3.0®, and Help Them Grow® – different programs that cater to different audiences for fast, flexible, and effective career development solutions.

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best_use_traditional_training_leawardsCovidien (now part of Medtronic) was recognized in the Best Use of Classroom and Traditional Training category at the LEAD2016 event. They partnered with CSI to deliver its award-winning CareerPower® Classic workshops to both employee and manager audiences. Click to read case study.


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