Up is Not the Only Way

Rethinking Career Mobility

Like the navigation systems we rely on to re-route our travels based on unexpected traffic congestion, shortcut options and last-minute detours, a true career mobility mindset will provide a foundation for resilience in this ever-changing world of work.

Addressing mobility to managers and individual contributors can help organizations create more right places for more right people at more right times.

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Up is Not the Only Way at a glance

Based on the book Up is Not the Only Way: Rethinking Career Mobility by Beverly Kaye, Lindy Williams and Lynn Cowart.

Managers and/or Individual Contributors will understand the personal value and business case to rethink career mobility as they are introduced to key concepts and explore new options for growth in this highly interactive session:

  • From Telescopes to Kaleidoscopes
  • Rethink Careers and Career Success
  • Mobility Readiness
  • From Paths to Patterns: Build an Experience Portfolio
  • Create Your Own Mobility Moments

“Greater talent mobility can help address talent shortages and close skill gaps.” – The World Economic Forum

Up is Not the Only Way Overview

Upon completion of this experience, participants will:

  • Identify benefits of ‘rethinking’ their mindset for career mobility.
  • Examine what career development and professional growth looks like in a changing world of work.
  • Evaluate how sit types of experiences (lateral, enrichment, exploratory, realignment, vertical, relocation) might be integrated into their own career plans.
  • Self-assess their readiness to adopt and act on a new career mobility mindset using the 5-C model.
  • One flexible, interactive and fast-paced microlearning experience delivered in either a 90 or 120-minute format for managers or individual contributors.
  • Digital workshop materials.
  • Available in live- or virtual-instructor led delivery modality.