Spark Collaborative Conversations. Make the Most of Your Mentoring Relationship.

Today’s diverse, cross-generational workplace is perpetually being reinvented with new technologies and new ways to socialize and network.  And as people adapt at different levels and in different ways, it’s more important than ever for organizations to create new ways for their employees to share knowledge and learn from others.

Career Systems International provides mentoring solutions to help you do just that.

PowerMentoring® and PowerMentoring® for Learners are cost-effective and practical mentoring solutions for the modern workplace.  These highly flexible programs cover a range of organizational goals:

  • Support both the mentor and the mentee and enable greater collaboration and more mutually fulfilling mentoring engagements.
  • Quickly pair mentors and learning partners based on individual development needs and areas of expertise with CSI’s Mentoring Database software application.
  • Provide managers, team leaders, and individual contributors with an easy process to quickly identify what to do, what to talk about, and how to take action.

With CSI’s mentoring offerings you develop and support the critical processes you need to retain and share intellectual capital.

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Celebrating National Mentoring Month. Mentoring Matters! Download and enjoy these mentoring tips, compliments of Career Systems International: 31 Mentoring Tips and 31 Learning Partner Tips.

Mentoring Workshops At a glance

This experiential program will introduce the mentoring process to your organization or supplement your existing mentoring efforts. PowerMentoring® is a self-directed, online, or facilitated workshop designed for mentors.

Participants will:

  • Learn and practice a method to quickly and effectively transfer knowledge from those who have it to those who need it.
  • Acquire basic mentoring skills and practical how-to strategies and tools.

“Mentoring, when combined with training, increases a manager’s productivity by 88%.”   ~ American Society for Training and Development

PowerMentoring® Overview

PowerMentoring® for Learners is a web-based, self-study, or facilitated learning experience. It is a complementary offering to PowerMentoring® designed for mentees.

Participants will:

  • Understanding the mentee’s vital role in the mentoring relationship.
  • Learn and practice a practical model to pinpoint their development needs and fully prepare for their mentoring experience.
  • Gain and develop skills to propel learning.

“35% of employees who are not being mentored within the first 12 months of being hired, are actively looking for a job.”     ~ Business Week

PowerMentoring® for Learners Overview