SatisfACTION Power®

A Satisfaction Generating Workshop for Employees.

You have your A-players and your problem solvers. You have your mavericks. And then you have your maverick makers – those people busy at work along the sideline, nose down and out of the limelight.

SATPOWER_Logo Based on the bestselling book Love It, Don’t Leave It by Beverly Kaye and Sharon Jordan-Evans, SatisfACTION Power® is an experiential half-day training event for your frontline and individual contributors… for your maverick makers. Designed specifically for today’s workforce, participants take the driver’s seat as they utilize a simple process and practical tools for maximizing their satisfaction at work.

Building a talent-focused culture is a shared responsibility: empower your employees and help them take ownership for their role in creating a more personally satisfying workplace.

In this workshop employees will…


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The Satisfaction Power® Workshop at a glance

A half-day workshop for employees based on the book, Love It, Don’t Leave It: 26 Ways to Get What You Want at Work by Beverly Kaye and Sharon Jordan-Evans. Empower employees to drive their own engagement with proven A to Z strategies, support tools, and more.

“Executives hoped that employees could take more responsibility for their own satisfaction and find ways to achieve their career goals within the company. The result: turnover fell from 33% to 21%.”   ~ SVP, Automobile Loan Division, Fortune 1000 Financial Services Organization

Satisfaction Power® Overview

Employees provide the spark to increase market share, profitability, and customer loyalty. Lower turnover costs as you increase employee retention with a workforce that willingly and consistently contributes its very best efforts.

“If less than one in four workers are reportedly working at their top potential, then you have more than 75% of your workforce who could be more efficient. You just need to know what drives them, what engages them, and how to get a little of that discretionary effort.”   ~ Beverly Kaye, Founder, Career Systems International

  • True multi-modal learning for greater flexibility and impact.
  • Standard half-day workshop or extend the experience over time.
  • Trainer certification available.