Hello Stay Interviews

Stop Guessing What’s Important to Your Employees and Start Asking!Hello Stay Interviews

Unfortunately, too often we find out that our talented employees are unhappy when they turn in their notice. And then we sometimes find out during an exit interview that what they were looking for is something we could have provided. At that point, it’s too late.

Let your employees know how much they are valued. Hold Stay Interviews.

If you’re not yet holding Stay Interviews you’re guessing at what your people really want – you could be guessing wrong. Stay Interviews are one of the most powerful strategies in a successful manager’s playbook and are foundational to engaging, motivating, recognizing, and retaining talent.

Hello Stay Interviews, is a microLearning experience based on concepts from the book Hello Stay Interviews, Goodbye Talent Loss by best-selling authors Beverly Kaye and Sharon Jordan-Evans.


Hello Stay Interviews Overview
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Hello Stay Interviews At A Glance

Participants will experience and practice the fundamentals of Stay Interviews for their own talent management game plan that includes:

  • CONNECTION –A connection between two people must be built on trust.
  • COURAGE – leadership takes courage – raising and responding to challenging issues.
  • COMMITMENT – comes through consistent, authentic conversations and observable actions.

Robust learning materials to support managers’ stay interviews before, during and long after the training include:

  • The Manager’s Playbook, to use during the class and access afterwards to plan, hold and track their Stay Interview progress, actions and results.
  • The Manager’s Fieldbook, a pocket guide filled with tips, steps and conversation starters to conduct all Stay Interviews, including those most challenging ones.
  • The book, Hello Stay Interviews, Goodbye Talent Loss, by best-selling authors Beverly Kaye and Sharon Jordan-Evans, the original thought leaders on the concept.
  • Career Systems International’s app with tips, tools, videos, planners, trackers and more to encourage and strengthen managers’ confidence and competence to hold Stay Interviews.

Hello Stay Interviews Overview

  • Flexible, two-hour microLearning experience for managers.
  • Instructor or virtual-led interactive learning event, with real-time, real-world practice.

Managers participating in the Hello Stay Interviews learning experience will:

  • Understand the potential return on investment for holding Stay Interview conversations with all team members.
  • Learn how to build trust as they make a connection with their employees and begin the Stay Interview Process.
  • Develop courage as they prepare for and practice challenging conversations.
  • Realize that Stay Interviews only work when commitment is strong and managers truly care enough to learn about these conversations, practice them and then take action.
  • Learn how to uncover opportunities to seek and seize daily work life experiences to drive engagement deeper through conversation.
  • Begin an ACTion Plan to implement Stay Interviews readily and frequently.